by Scourge

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I wrote my parts of this, along with another track last year when I was struggling to deal with what part religion was playing in my life.
I find it hard to reconcile the bible with what I see around me, and the actions of the church. Christianity as non institutionalised religion and the words of the New Testament are important, and provide a good way to live, but the way it's interpreted can be damaging.
Basically, I struggle with the long standing theological argument that if God is omniscient and omnibenevolent then how can evil and evil actions exist within the world.


released July 6, 2015

Produced / Engineered / Mixed / Mastered by Christopher Vernon at Perception Studios
Additional lyrics and vocals on Apostate performed by Markus Russo of Sabella
Additional lyrics and vocals on Falsify performed by Rhyse William from Oppressor
Artwork and design by Brock Chamings at BLKSPRNT



all rights reserved


SCOURGE Melbourne, Australia

We like breakdowns and vicks.
Based out of Melbourne, Australia

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Track Name: Apostate (ft Markus from Sabella)
Apostate ft Markus from Sabella
Dear lord
As I grew up I felt the embrace
Of the church
As I grew up
I watched the poor grow poorer
I watched the weak get weaker

As I grew up
I couldn’t reconcile
The bible with my own two eyes
Your scripture could be so powerful
Human nature was your true downfall

Your god’s actions speak not of mercy
But sinister suffering
And sadistic pleasure
From their blind trust and faith

They gave their lives up to you
And in return receive pain and loss

Blow out the candle, I have given up
It was all just fools gold, I was never enough
Selling hope to the hopeless, just for a cut
You play on weakness, you prey on the lost
It was just a joke, it was all in my head
I wont live on my knees, rather be left for dead

How can you reconcile the words of the bible
With the suffering around you
Track Name: Falsify (Ft Rhyse from Oppressor)
Falsified belief systems
Manipulated masses
Pariah of the world

Faith fuelled leaders
Acting for
Faithful masses

Where were your calls for peace
When the world was calling for it
Your Christian god condones this violence
In his name
21st century crusade

No crusade
No police state
Erase the fucking taint
Erase your diseased faith

No more governments
No police state
Erase the fucking taint
Erase your diseased faith

Erase the fucking taint
Erase your diseased faith
Burn the cross until he shows his face
Reveal the pain your ruler creates

Terror, hatred for different views
We are not the sinners
The blood is on your hands
Erase the faith
Burn the cross